• SCM Mobila and Tapiterie was founded in 1959. Today is a private company group who has 10 production units, 35 units and 3 showrooms.

    With a long tradition in producing furniture, our workers makes a wide range of furniture, livingrooms, offices, hallways, kitchens, libraries. Also our company produces custom furniture, art furniture, sofas.


    SCM Mobila and Tapiterie Bucharest was founded in 1959 and is a member of the International Cooperative Alliance and the Association of Furniture Producers in Romania.

    With a rich and long experience in manufacturing furniture, our company is able to satisfy the most demanding requirements and tastes, both domestically and on the externa.Our company produce furniture all wood species indigenous and of exotic species in various styles such as classic style, modern, rustic and upholstered furniture, plush or skin.

    At the same time, we have adequate technical equipment and highly skilled personnel, our company being able to produce and sell furniture that addresses all segments of the market at competitive prices.

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  • Informatii companie

    Adress: Calea 13 Septembrie, Nr.93-95, Bloc 83-85, Sector 5
    Phone: 021 .410.61.00 / 021 .410.63.34
    Fax: 021 .410.40.41


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